Team Awesome D&D Season 2


The party:

Thaddeus – Tiefling Warlord – An oft-drunk and reckless warrior accompanied by a hamster named Boo

Lainal – Elf Cleric – A worshiper of Selune and healer-extraordinaire

Chuck – Human Fistmage – A young child of exceptional fighting prowess

Muli – Dwarf Invoker – An itinerant following the call of Ioun

Morgan – Human Bard – A Harper scout raised by dragons

With Morthos defeated and left in the Abyss to rot with the demons and the damned, the heroes of Loudwater find themselves called toward the Moonshae Isles, where a new threat known only as the Feyspeaker is rising. As Alania convenes with the Harpers to the east, the party has set out west across the Sea of Swords to the Moonshae Isles with Theran and the crew of the Gypsy Sky, captained by Wil Lockright.

The Moonshae Isles, however, are in political turmoil. Fourteen years ago, a massive war had been fought across the archipelago, resulting in the dethroning and execution of the former king and the ascension of High King Derid Kendrick, who governs from the seat in Alaron, the main island of the Moonshae Isles. But now, his grip on the region appears to be increasingly unsteady as the Norlanders turn to increasingly violent means to oppose his rule…

Kings & Queens